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Is your home’s electrical system fire safe? – Electrician San Diego

Fires can originate in a number of ways, some more obvious than others. For instance, if an indoor smoker forgets their cigarette or a person is making dinner and happens to leave the stove on overnight. Both scenarios result in thousands of dollars in property damage and take from homeowners something that cannot be easily replaced; their peace of mind. Oftentimes, a person’s home is their biggest investment and they take immense priority in protecting it. Because of this, we have provided this brief overview to educate homeowners as to possible dangerous electrical conditions that might be spotted in the home.

There are multitudes of ways that a fire can start in a home; we mentioned a few of them moments ago. Although these scenarios are all too common, they are not responsible for the majority of electrical fires that occur in the U.S. Each year over 280 Americans are killed and nearly 1,000 more are injured simply due to electrical conditions that could have been prevented from escalating into a dangerous fire. As we talked about, electrical fires can be caused a number of ways, but the vast majority of them are caused simply due to incorrectly installed wiring and overloaded circuits and extension cords. If you think that your wires are beginning to tear or that your circuits are shorting out; please reach out to an electrician San Diego immediately.

Electrician San Diego

Before going into extension cords and overloaded circuits in more detail, it is important to touch on some common warning signs to look for when spotting an electrical hazard. The first of these signs is flickering or dimming lights. The reason that the lights begin to flicker is because there is more than likely a poor connection in the circuits. However, if you do see this do not panic! This is an easy fix for the most part and can be corrected with one simple call to your electrician San Diego. Another very common warning sign is static from your home phone lines. This is usually just a wiring issue and can be corrected by calling a professional to come out and re-wire new phone lines. Again, this is not too costly of a repair when compared to experiencing an electrical fire.

The final warning signs that we hope to share with you are burning and sparking smells coming from an outlet. The number one cause of this, obviously, is too many plugs in an outlet. This causes the circuit to become overloaded and begins to cause shorts in your system. If you are experiencing heat coming from the socket, call your electrician San Diego immediately! Finally, an overloaded circuit is a very simple warning sign to spot. If you notice that you only have one or two sockets left on a power hub, it is time to switch your electronics around. You should never have more than 60-70% of the power hub taken up at one time; it is wise to be more aware of dangerous practices like this.

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