Commercial Services

An integral component of any successful business is it’s electrical system. It is the system on which we build the foundation for our day to day operations. Whether it be the lighting for our products, the power we use to manufacture goods, the lines by which we communicate, or simply the receptacle we use to power the desktop, an electrical system tailored to our individual professional needs brings power to our businesses.

At Eaton Electric we are dedicated to the idea that as a business owner, you know what is best for your company. It is our job to help your vision become a reality by providing you with a system best suited for your needs as a business.  Please call Eaton Electric at 619-291-2388 for free estimate.

Our Services
Commercial Expansion
Energy Saving Upgrades

We offer services for all needs in the commercial arena:

Lighting/ Signage

  • Looking to light up your show room or bring life to your store front?
  • Do you or your employees need more task lighting?
  • Have you been wanting to illuminate your company’s signage?

Do you want to upgrade to more efficient lighting Let us help you design a look and feel that speaks to you and your customers.

  • Utility/Convenience: Are you in need of power in a location currently without power?
  • Do you need more power in an area or simply more outlets in that area?
  • Do have new equipment in need of a new circuit or a need to relocate power for existing equipment?

We can take you step by step through the process of adding or replacing a service panel in your building. Visit our portfolio of few commerical clients, to see some examples of what we can do for you.

Before any office building expansions are considered, a consultation with an experienced Eaton Electric commercial electrician is beneficial. The electrician will need to look at current wiring and determine how many more breakers or panels will be needed to accommodate the additional space. Once a consultation is completed, a business owner will have a better idea of what the cost of the expansion will be. A certified electrician from Eaton Electric should be part of any build out from the very beginning.

Our commercial electricians have the experience it takes to work on large scale projects that may include numerous circuits and extensive continuous circuits. Expansions will most likely require additional wiring that will need to be hooked up to the main panel or supplementary panels will need to be installed. In many cases, new equipment will need a higher voltage to operate than a current outlet puts out. An Eaton Electric, electrician is needed to convert existing outlets to fit the needs of the newer equipment. All of this is very technical and should only be completed by a certified electrician.

Commercial buildings are often upgraded to be more energy efficient. An experienced Eaton commercial electrician will have knowledge about the latest technologies and will be able to recommend the best cost saving solutions that are available. Adding additional lights to a space or redoing the lighting scheme is another job for a commercial electrician. Lighting upgrades can dramatically improve the overall appearance of a room when done correctly.

Many businesses want to ensure their building’s safety and visibility and opt to add or redo exterior lighting. Client and/or tenant safety should always be a top concern for any business owner. Adequate lighting is a necessity. A commercial electrician like Eaton Electric, Inc. can help you achieve your lighting needs while following city codes. Exterior lighting will most likely require an additional dedicated power source. Depending on the size of the lighting needs, several breakers may be necessary.