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Exterior or Landscape ighting is a simple improvement that can make a huge difference in how your home looks after dusk as well as in its safety and security. Exterior lighting is usually installed along walkways, steps, and driveways, pointing up trees, walls and fences.

The wonderful climate of San Diego allows us to extend our homes to the great outdoors year round and the right lighting can bring out the beauty of any property big or small. We wash the garden environment and architectural features, with a soft ambient light, showing them off, while highlighting pathways with attractive area lights, in an alternating pattern that directs your eye to destination features. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with light.

Of course, this will also make your home safer since it will keep thieves away and make it easier for guests to walk up to your home. For safety purposes, this type of lighting is best installed by an certified electrician. Please call Eaton Electric at 619-291-2388 for free estimate.

We can take you step by step through the process of Landscape lighting services. Visit our portfolio of few Landscape lighting projects, to see some examples of what we can do for you.

Different Components of Landscape Lighting

Most Landscape lighting is low-voltage. The typical low-voltage lighting system requires just three components: a transformer, low-voltage electrical cable and the fixtures. Residential grade lighting can greatly add value to your home as well as adding value to your landscape investment, by doubling the hours you can enjoy your outdoor living space.

12 Volt or Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting runs on 12 volts. The electrical appliances inside a home run at 120 volts. It is easier to install this type of landscape lighting and you won’t have to turn off your existing electrical system, so you won’t always need an electrician. However, you will find that the higher quality, longer lasting low voltage systems are usually installed by a Eaton Electric. This makes it less expensive to install this type of lighting and give your home better curb appeal while making it safer as well.

Once installed, you won’t have to worry about children or animals being shocked or injured.

120 Volt Landscape Lighting

A 120-volt system is what you use in your home to power all of your appliances. It has to adhere to strict national electrical codes, which the Eaton Electric always does. This will create a lot of light for your yard.

Your private art collection is an important part of who you are and the character of your home. Those of us who purchase art do so out of enjoyment. Sharing such art with others is also extremely important. Providing adequate lighting for your art collection is a must for an serious private art collector or showroom.

Eaton Electric has extensive experience wiring custom lighting displays for commercial showrooms and private residences.

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