Residential Services

We’ve all heard the old adage,  “Home is where the heart is.” At Eaton Electric,  we believe in keeping that home healthy. We understand that as a homeowner it is very important to have an electrician who can be trusted to make sure that all of your electrical needs are safely met through knowledgeable experience.

At Eaton Electric, we offer a variety of services to meet those needs. Whether you are remodeling your home, maintaining your existing system or building your dream house, let us help you design a system that will meet your individual needs and be problem-free for the life of your home.

Please give our office a call at 1-619-291-2388 to meet with one of our friendly, state certified technicians. They will provide you with a free estimate ans answer any questions you may have before getting started.

We provide service 24-hrs a day. Your electrical needs are always a top priority. Visit our portfolio of satisfied homeowners, to see some examples of what we can do for you too.

Our Services
Hiring an Electrician

Specific residential services we provide:

  • Restore failed power
  • Repair faulty GFCI’s
  • Fix tripped breakers and breaker replacement
  • Upgrade service panel
  • Install new circuits
  • Energy efficiency consultation
  • Residential troubleshooting
  • Fluorescent ballast replacement

Home lighting installations

  • Accent lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Track lighting

Insist on a Certified Electrician

In California, an individual must be licensed by the state in order to perform any type of electrical work. In order to become a certified electrician, there are many hours of education and hands-on training that need to be completed.

No matter what type of electrical work is needed in your home or business, it is always recommended to use a certified electrician, like Eaton Electric, for the job. Certified electricians have the knowledge and skills that it takes to make sure any electrical work is done correctly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. Call 619-291-2388 for service today.

Hiring a certified electrician

“Do it yourself” or a “handyman” may make sense if the project is low tech or unskilled, but electrical work should always be done by a trained professional electrician. Unqualified electrical installers can cause some of the most serious failures in a home or building.

Every state has its own set of regulations and laws regarding licensing for electrical contracting, but they all require an intimate familiarity with the National Electric Code. The NEC is the nationally recognized industry standard for safety and quality in service, installation and repair.

Although laws differ by state, many jurisdictions severely limit a handyman’s ability to participate in protected trades such as electrical, plumbing and gas. The handyman or unlicensed contractor may present themselves as a qualified electrician, but this designation alone carries no legal standing with the Registrar of Contractors.

A trained and certified electrician will either own or work for a properly licensed electrical contractor. Verification of a contractor’s license will provide assurance to the customer that the job will be completed professionally, and that the business itself is bonded and insured.